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Google ... I Give Up!

So what's the deal with Google. How do we crack the big daddy of them all? We all have access the guidelines that this search engine provides us, which happen to be very vague in my opinion, but do they really work? What is Google holding back from us? Let's review what we already "know" about Google...

We know that content is key here. Let me rephrase here... "Original and quality content" is key. Then you have Google Page Rank or "link popularity." Basically, we need inbound links from sites with good Page Rank themselves. What else... Layout structure or code structure are important as well, along with good site navigation that makes sense. What about clean code? We don't necessarily have to be able to validate our pages against World Wide Web Consortium standards, but it definitely wouldn't hurt if we were close.

We also know what Google does not like and could possibly penalize us for. Many things that may have worked wonders for us at one time, are now the same things that can get us kicked out of the Google index for an indefinite amount of time. We have keyword stuffing at the top of this list. Doorway pages is another widely used method in "black hat" SEO. Association with link farms is good one. Then of course, there's bad code, escessive imagery and media, and bad navigation that can all hinder or at least slow down the spidering and caching proces of Google.

OK, so we all know the basic do's and don'ts with Google. But, let's say that we have done our homework and have managed to develop a site with all the good criteria, and minus the bad...No SEO tricks, just plain all-around good website design from the ground up. Say we even through in a Google Sitemap into the mix for good measure. On a brand new site with new domain and all, how long before we start getting noticed in the Google SERPs. Are we looking at a month, 3 months...6 months?! How about Google PR? Assuming that backlinks are cached by Google, how long before Page Rank kicks in...?

I currently have a couple sites that I've been trying to work my SEO magic on. One in particular is a new domain, clean design. Excellent text-based link structure, all pages within 2 clicks away max. Pages are all off the root level of the server. Good titles and content. Code validated as XHTML transitional by the W3. No keyword stuffing or spamming, no link farms. Pages are actually all cached, about 25 total. About 15 inbound links all cached by Google with decent Page Rank. So, where's my rankings? I'm nowhere to be found. Still not showing Page Rank. It's currently been approximately 3 months since the full site cached at the time of this posting. Could it be rough competition for my keyphrases? Wait a minute... I'm at the top of the charts in MSN! First page on everything! But where's Google?

Stay tuned for weekly postings to find out. Hopefully, in a month we can all look back at this post and laugh it up. Maybe Google will love me after all...

posted on wednesday, june 28, 2006