Welcome to MyDesignWork

Thank you for visiting my website. It is a constant work in progress as I am always trying out new ideas. So feel free to come back often as you'll probably always see something new.

Basically, when I decided to build this site, it was initially meant to be a place where I could exhibit work that I've done in the past or current projects that I am working on. But, I really enjoy doing this stuff and can't help but to keep adding more and more to it. Hopefully, if time permits, I will have a sort of tech forum up and running on here where any questions or tips on web development can be discussed. Also, there will be a products section that I wish to get running soon to start selling artwork (silk-screen t-shirts to be exact).

Here, you can also check out a little bit more on my background, such as ... my work experience, schools that I attended and the areas of study that I underwent. You might even find some more personal information and interests of mine under the "About Me" section of this site.

So feel free to have a look see ... if you'd like to contact me about any services you may need, I can be reached at the phone number or email above, or if you just want to get a quick quote via email, you can fill out the short form on the "Get Quote" page.